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Welcome To Dentistry at the Crossing 

Every aspect of Dentistry at the Crossing was designed with the patient in mind. It is a true representation of Dr. Shadi Shadid’s vision, and the epitome of modern day patient care. From the contemporary lounge where you can relax on your choice of sofas, to the children’s games area; all has been well thought out for complete patient comfort. Our sterilization center is showcased to allow peace of mind for all patients being treated with our instruments. Even the utmost care to maintain cleanliness is easier when there is a dedicated space for it which exceeds the highest of standards!

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State of the Art Dental Office

We are proud to offer one of Ottawa's most advanced clinics. Our dental chairs are modern lounging recliners made of memory foam. Its built-in massage feature soothes as treatment is rendered to allow a spa-like atmosphere. All treatment can be seen on the overhead television if desired, or to watch regular television programming. Intra-oral cameras allow us to show patients what is being done and why; what we see, you see. X-ray images are taken with digital radiography which allows us to minimize a patient’s exposure time, thereby reducing the amount of radiation dramatically compared to conventional x-ray images.

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5-Star Services

Meet with one of our top rated dentists and learn why our clients are loving Dentistry at the Crossing. We are committed to delivering the finest patient care in Ottawa. Members of our team continue to stay educated and passionate about the latest and most modern trends in dentistry. With a commitment to staying knowledgeable our clinic maintains the most efficient and advanced technology in the industry. Our dentists and hygienists are also highly experienced making for accurate assessments, advice and precise operations. 

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  • It was a happy accident that I found this place but I couldn't be more pleased that I did. Shout out to Brandy who is amazingly accommodating and Dr. Shadid is just fabulous! No one actually likes going to the dentist but I've appreciated every visit there. Even down to a root canal (which is NOT a good time) he made the experience entertaining and bearable. Grateful I found them. Lucky to be a new patient!!!
    Kacie Turner


Modern Technology Offered

  • Intra-Oral Cameras: Allow patients to see what the dentist sees.
  • Lasers: Allows incredible surgical precision and predictable results.
  • Digital Imaging: Allows us to reduce patient radiation to negligible levels.
  • Large Televisions: Allows us to show you what we find on a large high resolution screen. 

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Additional Modern Technology

  • Modern Dental Chair: Made with memory foam and massaging feature.
  • Modern Dental Light: Disperses heat to allow patient comfort.
  • Paperless System: Reduces paper waste and allows for more complete record keeping.
  • VELscope Vx: A screening tool to help diagnose the earliest signs of cancer or pathology in under 2 minutes without the use of disgusting rinses.

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